Demand for Private Client Services is High. How Can You Achieve More in The Same Time Allotted?

April 11, 2023


Private Client Solicitors are experiencing high demand right now, many have a client backlog for months! It’s not a terrible problem to have, business is good, but it can lead to some clients feeling like they’re less of a priority to you.


So, how do you achieve more in the same time you have? And keep those clients happy.


We’ve come up with the top three ways in which estate planning software can help


  1. Draft Wills faster with software

With Will drafting software, you can reduce the time it takes to draft documents by 10 times. In-built precedent banks (that are managed by a Legal Advisory Board at Arken), mandatory fields that change with the information put in and further automations help reduce the administrative burden. 


This improves turnaround times and helps to increase the number of documents one drafter can build in the same amount of time allotted. It also helps to streamline training and peer review processes, pushing efficiencies into the wider business too.  


Utilising data capture tools that import data into your drafting software, also helps to drive efficiencies, as they result in less human resource and energy being spent on data input. This helps (again) to draft documents more quickly, but it also contributes to driving down the operational cost to produce each Will.  


  1. Scale your team 

Reducing the amount of admin, data re-keying and streamlining more processes also means that your team can flex and scale to meet demand more effectively. You can expand your output with the same number of team members or rely on junior members of the team to draft, utilising the more experienced drafters to double check documents and work on more complex cases.    


  1. Empower junior drafters 

Arken’s Will drafting software follows a sensible drafting process and has mandatory fields that help guide the drafters. Manual edits are flagged within the system as well as any paragraphs deleted and staff can leave client notes to cover the golden rule, who was present and any other notes they wish to sit with the copy of the Will.  This empowers junior drafters and helps guide more senior team members to the areas they want support with.   


This helps to free up fee earner time, so they can focus on priority projects and clients that require immediate, more complex support.    


Book in a demonstration of’s estate planning software today and find out how easy it is to scale and meet demand.