Don't Just Focus on the Older Generations Today - You Could Miss Opportunities Tomorrow

March 7, 2024




The next generation is set to inherit over £5.5 TRILLION, you have an amazing opportunity.


From our recent survey, we know that on average, 65% of beneficiaries will inherit over £200,000. They’re going to need support and estate plans of their own, but only 23% of you have a direct relationship with them.


Here’s what we cover:

  1. Expanding Your Client Base: Discover why targeting solely the 60+ demographic may be limiting your potential. We’ll explore the significance of reaching out to Generation X and Millennials and how they represent emerging opportunities for estate planning.
  2. The Great Wealth Transfer and Inheritance: Learn about the impending Great Wealth Transfer, how much beneficiaries are set to inherit, whether they’re trusted to manage this inheritance and the impact this is having on different generations.
  3. Adapting to Digital Trends: Explore how your peers are digitising their practice to enhance client engagement with the next generation. Discover new ideas on how to connect with and reach younger clients.
  4. Top Tips for Engaging Millennials: Get actionable tips on how to effectively engage Millennials in estate planning. From digital capabilities to education and convenient services, learn how to tailor your approach to resonate with this demographic.


Watch here.