Estate planners shouldn’t have to choose between advice or admin

May 30, 2022

Picture this. You’ve spent hours getting qualifications and carrying out continual professional development so that you can provide your clients with expert advice. You started working in the Wills & Trust industry because you want to help families prepare and protect themselves during a difficult phase in life.


The advice you provide is valuable and needed. Yet, you spend most of your billable hours on administrative tasks.


It’s frustrating for you, the business and your client, as everything takes a long time when you have to wade through a sea of endless Word documents. We get it.


Break the cycle.


Arken.legals Will writing software is a tool that supports you. It takes away the grind, so you can spend more time on the part of the job you enjoy, and less time re-keying data and respacing and renumbering a document in Word and copy & pasting things from one document to another. That time you waste time searching up charity numbers and addresses or retyping the same name for the umpteenth time!


We appreciate that sometimes, you’re so busy that you can’t take time out to learn about new software. That’s why we’ve put together a robust roll-out plan, developed by onboarding thousands of your peers. We also provide thorough new user and ongoing training support, and you’ll soon see how the Arken systems drafts just like any estate planner would. Following a sensible process, you’re already familiar with.


We’re also one of the only estate planning software providers that offer support from real people. Mon-Fri, the team are on hand to help, and there is support online if you need it out of hours. So, you’ll really hit the ground running.


Spend less time on admin, and more time on what you care about – giving expert advice and supporting your clients. Break the cycle. Contact Arken for a demonstration today.

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