How Can Arken Legal’s Software Help Protect Your Organisation Against Contentious Claims

Contentious claims are on the rise and firms are now looking for ways to better futureproof their organisation. Whether that’s by instigating stricter processes, doubling down on peer reviews, or implementing new technology – the urge to protect brand reputations through enhancements to best practices is stronger than ever.


In many ways, technology can help drive the creation of these new practices as it often forces organisations to re-think processes and improve upon them. The efficiencies that technology creates also leaves less room for human error and builds more robust management practices.


Here are 7 ways Arken Legal’s industry-leading estate planning software can help protect your organisation:


  1. Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance – Contentious claims often stem from errors or omissions in legal documents or advice. Arken Legal’s software helps mitigate these risks by increasing accuracy and consistency throughout the document drafting process. Built-in checks and mandatory fields help drafters produce quality documents in less time than through traditional drafting methods.
  2. Comprehensive Audit Trails – Arken Legal’s software records who has edited what, and when against the document itself. This comprehensive audit trail can strengthen defences against claims should any arise in the future. 
  3. Enhanced Risk Management – Arken Legal’s software has a dual screen, so drafters can review their work as they go. The questionnaire-style format helps to ensure no key details are missed and the one-time data entry helps to ensure data is accurate across all documents created – or if you spot an error it will change it across all documents where it is used.
  4. Legal Advisory Board – The precedents, clauses, and software itself are reviewed regularly by a Legal Advisory Board. Providing peace of mind that a third party is also checking the legal wording, and the system itself, is up to date. 
  5. Managed Precedents – Built-in precedents help to ensure teams are using the same, accurate wording across the company. Leaving less room for misinterpretation later down the line.  
  6. Digital Mental Capacity Checks – Arken’s estate planning software has a digital mental capacity test built-in. The assessment, created by Comentis, follows the criteria for checking testamentary capacity as laid out in the ruling of Banks V Goodfellow (1870) and checks for the 4 key areas of understanding that the testator must satisfy.
  7. Secure Data Management – Arken Legal prioritises data security through robust access controls, two-factor authentication, and secure cloud-based storage. By safeguarding sensitive client information and confidential documents, the software helps to minimise the risks associated with data.


For more information about how Arken Legal can help protect your organisation, feel free to reach out.


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