How to manage Will precedents and clauses with ease

August 15, 2022


Managing precedents and clause banks is a time-consuming business which often falls to just one or a few fee earners within an organisation. It can also be costly too, with the recurring need to buy updated editions of key texts  in hard copy or electronic versions.  


If you’re in charge of managing precedents, you’ll know how important it is to make sure your team is using the correct version and that they understand it.   


It’s easy to see why a team member might be tempted to prepare a new document using one that’s previously been drafted for another client. But this can often lead to errors or key clauses being missed. And that’s not to mention data protection risks.  


A solution which (a) caters for drafting complex documents; (b) is kept up to date; (c ) can be understood and used by all team members and (d) saves fee earners time and the organisation money is what’s needed. Is this too much to ask? No.  


Arken takes away the administrative burden, manages risk and saves time and money 


Arken’s Will Writing Software, Arken Professional, has a built-in precedent bank. It is managed and monitored by Arken’s internal Solicitors and Legal Advisory Board to ensure it is kept up to date with changes in the law and tax rules. 


Our Legal Advisory Board are experienced and qualified Solicitors, and they have multiple years of experience in the Wills & Trust industry.  


Using Will Writing Software drives significant efficiencies into the document drafting of the estate planning process. It makes sure users produce consistently worded documents. Peer reviewing documents is much easier and client data is kept safe and secure.  


Here’s what Ian Bond, a member of our Legal Advisory Board, says: 


“Arken’s Will Writing Software helps us to effectively manage our precedents, provide a better client experience and unify our processes across our offices. We are also able to draft our documents much faster than before and Arken’s wider toolset has helped us streamline in more areas and create better looking, comprehensive outcomes for our clients.”