Large Legal Services Firm

September 21, 2022

Read how this large legal services firm are utilising Arken’s products to drive consistency, support junior staff members and enhance risk mitigation.

The Challenges

The team at this company were using a traditional method to manage their precedents, they were managed in a Word document which was shared with the team. Each member of staff would use these precedents but also had their own writing style and preferred language for clauses and client commentary. 


This meant the Wills produced, whilst accurate, varied widely in style and format. Reviewing each document took longer and the risk of typos was higher than with an automated solution.  

We wanted to drive consistency across the Will drafting process and, in the wording used. We wanted to streamline and automate admin heavy tasks such as researching, drafting, and formatting clauses and writing commentary. We also wanted to reduce the amount of time senior members of staff spent reviewing documents and train up junior members of staff using a consistent process and approach, helping them to hit the ground running faster. Ultimately, we wanted to drive real efficiencies into our estate planning processes."


Why Arken

This large legal services firm provide comprehensive estate planning services and they needed software that could support them in drafting Life Interest & Discretionary Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and other complex documentation. They wanted an all-encompassing system, as a light touch solution would not help them meet their efficiency goals. 


They chose Arken’s Will writing software Arken Professional because of its ability to support in the drafting of a wide variety of documents, to support high levels of complexity, and to support in drafting Trust documentation. 


The questionnaire style format and the level of training support provided would also support the training of junior members of staff, helping the company achieve another one of its key objectives.  

Arken Professional helps us to achieve significant cost savings as it helps us drive efficiencies across our estate planning processes. It has also helped us lower our liability and risk, as we have consistent, clear, and automated wording as well a consistent drafting process that produces documents with the same style and formatting. It has saved all our team members time & resource, for junior and senior members of staff, and has helped us focus on delivering exceptional services and advice to our clients."


Plans for the future

The team at this company are planning to use Arken Anywhere, Arken’s remote Will writing software for staff that visit clients in their homes. The software provides the capability of Will writing software but works without the need for an internet connection.


They plan to start entering the client instructions using the software, whilst the client is with them – streamlining the process and reducing the time spent on re-keying in data and information.


Arken Anywhere integrates with Arken Professional, so the team can easily push the instructions and information gathered using the remote software straight into their full Will writing software solution. Saving them time and reducing the risk of misunderstood handwriting, whilst also collecting the information in a consistent and structured format.