New Podcast Series Now Live!

May 12, 2021

We’ve launched a brand new podcast series – Business Broadcasts – exploring business success and innovation in the estate planning sector.


Headed up by CEO, Dave Newick, the series explores matters affecting the estate planning industry, while sharing best recommendations on how to build a consistent growth engine for your business. With special guests representing a wide range of sectors, each episode will provide tangible takeaways for businesses of all sizes. “We wanted to create a platform where estate planners can listen to inspiring business stories and apply any takeaways that resonate most with their business goals,” comments Dave.


In Episode 1, Dave is joined by Operations Director, Ian Peace, and Legal Services Director, Helen Claydon, from Simpler Law – one of the largest providers of private client legal services in the UK. During this first episode, Helen and Ian share with listeners how putting the client journey first during its first five years has led to exponential growth – including selecting the right technology partners to meet changing client demand:


“There’s been a change in buying behaviour,” comments Helen. “Through all the generations. It’s not just the younger generations expecting services online, older clients have had to get to grips with video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with family and friends and have gained confidence in managing their affairs remotely with their trusted advisor. Before the pandemic, our team used to conduct 95% of client interactions over the phone, but this has switched dramatically to video calls, ensuring our ‘face-to-face’ service remains in place, helping strengthen our client relationships during a worrying and alienating time for many. We don’t expect or want this communication channel to revert back to ‘normal’ once restrictions lift – we see change as opportunity rather than a challenge and will continue to streamline our processes through technology for the benefit of our clients.”


“We still value in-person meetings,” adds Ian. “Especially when there’s a lot of in-depth information to go through. But the sector needs to catch up with the growing expectation of instant gratification online. We need to respond to all levels of the client journey to meet demand and futureproof the business. There’s a fine balance to be had.”


Episode 1 delves further into challenges, learnings and predictions for the sector, while sharing tried and tested recommendations for business growth success for those in the industry or thinking of starting in the industry.

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