Severance of Joint Tenancy – The Third Most Popular Document in Arken Professional

A Severance of Joint Tenancy (SJT) is the third most popular document drafted in Arken Professional, behind Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.


This document retails for an average of £157 and only takes a few moments to build in Arken Professional. Which makes it a profitable addition to a Will pack for clients that need one.


The SEV form is automatically included, which helps to reduce the amount of time you spend on admin even further and streamlines the process of informing the Land Registry.


Take the product tour below to find out why our clients use Arken Professional to draft their SJTs.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should use Arken Professional to draft your SJT documents:  


1. Document Management & Risk Management 

Drafting more than just the Will in Arken Professional also helps you to keep the documents for your clients in one place. Which supports best practice version control. It also provides audit trials and reduces the risk of manual data entry errors.


2. Consistency Across Documents 

Arken Professional helps maintain consistency in language, formatting, branding and legal terminology across multiple documents, enhancing the professionalism and reliability of your work. 


3. Document Collaboration 

Creating all documents in one place makes the peer review and final check process much easier. It also makes working on the same documents much less risky, as they’re all in one sensible place.  


4. Save Time & Money 

By reducing the amount of admin involved in more than just the Will, you can reduce the cost associated with drafting. Helping your team to focus on providing advice and spending less time ‘pushing paper’.  


5. Security and Compliance 

Arken Professional includes security measures to protect sensitive client information. This is crucial for maintaining client confidentiality and complying with data protection regulations. Keeping all of your documents safely within one piece of software, helps to keep it safe.  


Try drafting a SJT document in Arken Professional today and find out just how quick and easy it really is.