Should estate planners embrace digital advertising?

February 24, 2022

Referrals are an estate planner’s best friend and work can often trickle down through a family’s generations, as many choose to stay with their trusted advisors over the long term. But with the age of the internet comes a new opportunity. Reach.


For example, there are over 48 million people on Facebook in the UK alone and according to Statista 35% of them are over 45 years of age. If we think about that optimistically, that is over 16 million new potential clients!


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and Microsoft all have advertising tools that are relatively easy to use. You can be quite specific about the people you want to target, narrowing down your target audience by age and location. There is also a plethora of training videos on YouTube to help you get set up.


The next challenge is what to advertise to them. Whilst Google and Microsoft rely on keywords, such as ‘Will writing services near me,’ social media can require a more engaging approach. Personalising your advertising helps people to engage with what you are trying to tell them.


Arken’s lead generation tool, Arken Intestacy, was developed to help estate planners engage with their target audience in a meaningful way. It is a short, online questionnaire that produces a personalised report on what would happen should the user die without a Will in place. It provides advice which is drawn from the circumstances they have given in the survey and helps encourage clients to complete important family planning.



Marketing and advertising for estate planners is growing increasingly important, as more competitors enter the market. They are disrupting the market with online solutions, completing Wills for people with simple requirements in an almost ‘hands-free’ manner, whilst also engaging and building relationships with those who have more complex requirements.


Arkens Online Wills solution helps estate planning professionals compete online, helping them to increase their digital footprint whilst also creating an effortless revenue stream for the business.


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