Staff spotlights: William Walshe

March 1, 2022

The Arken team is thrilled to welcome our new Customer Engagement Assistant, William Walshe. Here’s some more information so you can get to know Will better…

William Walshe, Customer Engagement Assistant


When did you start at Arken? Monday 28th February


Responsible for: Customer engagement


Happiest when: Spending time with my friends


Where is your favourite place to be? On the sofa watching the F1 with my Father


Best place you’ve travelled to? Around Barbados, whilst on a cricket tour


Favourite line from a movie? “What would you do if you knew you only had one minute to live?
“I’d make those seconds count.”
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If you could pick anyone, who would be your mentor? Eoin Morgan


How would you best describe Arken? Incredibly welcoming, with a productive atmosphere and fantastic growth prospects.


This year I will mostly be? Learning as much as possible about the sales & legal industries


Anything that would surprise us about you? I have a degree in astrophysics & did my dissertation on the colonisation of other planets.


Top productivity tip? Tell someone so they can hold you accountable, it’s a lot easier to only let yourself down.


Something you learned in the last week? Suits should not be used to research the legal industry


If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Srinivasa Ramanujan


Why have you made the move into legal technology? Whilst I have transferable skills from my background, its still very different to my past work, so it is a new and exciting field for me tackle.


Welcome to the team Will – We’re excited to have you on board!

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