We are thrilled to announce that Arken received “Highly Commended” for Best Workplace Wellbeing at the Private Client Modern Law Awards 2024. This recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to the health and happiness of our team. Here are the key 5 initiatives that contributed to this honour:


1. Four-Day Week

Under the guidance of Andrew Barnes, our core investor and author of “The 4 Day Week,” Arken has embraced a four-day workweek at full pay. This initiative boosts productivity, enhances employee satisfaction, and promotes a better work-life balance. Our employees thrive with the extra day for rest and personal pursuits, returning to work rejuvenated and engaged.


2. Hybrid Working Setup

We value flexibility, which is why we have integrated a hybrid working model. This allows employees to work from home while maintaining office collaboration for two days a week. This balance reduces commuting time and provides the opportunity to have a quiet environment for focused work.


3. Flexible Working Hours

Recognising that a traditional 9 to 5 schedule doesn’t suit everyone, we offer flexible working hours. This policy helps employees tailor their schedules to fit personal commitments, achieving a greater work-life balance.


4. Creating a Welcoming Workplace

Our office features diverse workspaces, including quiet booths, sit/stand desks, communal areas, and even a PlayStation. We prioritise cleanliness, provide healthy snacks, and encourage team activities like lunchtime walks. These efforts create a positive and welcoming environment.


5. Dogs in the Office

At Arken, we have the Barken team and dogs are a part of our office lives. We know that having dogs in the office offers numerous benefits that enhance the overall work environment. Dogs can significantly reduce stress levels among employees, providing a calming presence that helps alleviate anxiety and improve mood. This, in turn, can foster a more relaxed and productive atmosphere. Additionally, dogs encourage regular breaks for walks, promoting physical activity and reducing the risks associated with prolonged sedentary behaviour.


Our commitment to creating a welcoming workplace is evident in the positive feedback we receive from our employees, along with the impressive length of service from a vast number of employees. Our longest employee has been here for 32 years, closely followed by another team member who has recently reached their 28-year milestone. Collectively, across the 24 employees at Arken.legal, we have 178 years’ experience.


We would also like to congratulate Thomas Flavell & Sons for winning the Private Client Team – Wills & Probate (16+ Solicitors) award, sponsored by Arken. This is an incredible achievement and we are thrilled to see that their dedication and expertise has been recognised.


At Arken, we remain committed to fostering a healthy, happy, and productive work environment for our team. Find out more and meet the team here.