The key challenges facing estate planning professionals today

May 30, 2022

The team at Arken have been carrying out a lot of industry research recently. As we build on our understanding of the challenges our clients now face, post pandemic.


What we uncovered was certainly interesting and affirming.  


Improving efficiency and futureproofing were found to be the biggest challenges for organisations as they plan to set themselves up for scalable growth. With many highlighting lead generation as a key challenge for them.  


It seems, now that the pandemic appears to be waning (fingers crossed), businesses are setting their sights back on growth objectives. Achieved through attracting more clients and driving efficiencies that streamline processes.   


The full research covered a variety of different business areas & challenges including: 

  1. Marketing & client engagement 
  2. Risk management 
  3. Reporting 
  4. Information systems 
  5. Employees 
  6. Futureproofing 
  7. Efficiency 

We held a webinar to share our findings, which can be viewed here.


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