The Receipt by Minors Clause, How to Add it & the Power That Trustees Have

If you’re putting together a Will where the (or one of) beneficiaries is under the age of 16, you may want to add an administrative provision that allows Trustees to pay funds to the parents or guardians of the minor (or the minor themselves if they are over 16) without having to enquire as to the circumstances or the use of funds, in satisfaction of their obligations under the Will.  


Administrative provisions relating to the receipt of fund on behalf of minors is easily dealt with in Arken Professional by simply using the STEP provisions (it is in standard provision 5.) You can elect to set the STEP provisions out in full within the Will or you can simply incorporate by reference. However, if you prefer to use your own set of administrative provisions, you can incorporate the Arken receipt by minors clause at the click of a button within the Administrative Matters tab.


Find out more about the Receipt by Minors clause in Arken and the powers and responsibilities that Trustees have in making payments on behalf of minor beneficiaries by watching our how-to-video below.  

How to include a Receipt by Minors Clause in Arken


Option 1

Include the STEP Provisions (the provision exists at Standard Provision 5) – you can set these out in full or by incorporation. 


Option 2

If you decline the use of STEP Provisions in Arken, you’ll be given the option to include your selection of Administrative Provisions, in the Extend Trustees Powers section. This defaults to including the standard Arken clause (you can remove it by simply unselecting.)  


Please note that if you subsequently select to include the STEP Provisions, the Arken Receipt by Minors clause will be automatically removed as it is already included in the STEP Provisions. 


For more information about the Clauses, Precedents and Provisions used within Arken Professional. Please feel free to reach out to us