Three Products That Help You Reach Your Clients Online

The UK are Notorious Online Shoppers, Here’s How to Access These Digital Buyers 


It’s no surprise that shopping and buying online has become the norm for people, with the extensive online shopping industry influencing UK consumers daily.  


According to Statista, the UK has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe. In 2023, we had nearly 60 million e-commerce users, to put that in context, our population is roughly 67 million, which leaves only a small amount of the population as non-digital buyers.  


Digitising client engagement processes takes time and many organisations whilst investing in digital transformation, can’t necessarily get these processes up and running as quickly as they would like.  


Arken offers three cutting-edge products designed to help you reach and interact with online consumers effectively for a monthly subscription. Here’s how these solutions can enhance your digital presence and streamline interactions with clients: 


  1. Arken Intestacy: Educate and Engage Clients

Arken Intestacy is a user-friendly, interactive tool that helps clients understand the implications of dying without a Will. This digital questionnaire generates a personalised report outlining what would happen to a client’s estate if they died intestate. It’s a powerful way to educate clients about the importance of estate planning and encourage them to act. 


The personalised report comes with an editable call to action, providing a direct pathway for clients to connect with you to create their Will. This not only raises awareness but also helps you build relationships with potential clients in a controlled and engaging manner. 


Experience Arken Intestacy here.


  1. Arken Online Wills: Simplifying the Will-Making Process

Arken Online Wills is designed to help clients create simple wills online, either on their own or with some guidance from you – the choice is yours. This tool can serve as an additional revenue stream for your organisation, offering a more convenient option for clients who don’t require complex estate planning. With the flexibility to customise pricing and branding, Arken Online Wills is an excellent solution for professional estate planners looking to expand their reach online. 


Learn more about Arken Online Wills: Online Wills 


  1. The Arken Instruction Hub: Digitise Client Interactions


The Arken Instruction Hub transforms the way you interact with clients by digitising the process of collecting instructions. With this tool, you can capture client information digitally, communicate through a secure client portal, and standardise quoting and confirmation of instruction letters. The Arken Instruction Hub speeds up the estate planning process, making it more efficient and offering clients a seamless experience. 


Find out more about the Arken Instruction Hub here: Instruction Hub 


In a world where e-commerce and digital interactions are becoming the norm, businesses need to adapt to these changes. Arken’s suite of digital tools provides innovative solutions to help you engage with online consumers, create new revenue streams, and streamline your operations. 


By incorporating these products into your practice, you can ensure that you’re meeting the needs of a digital-first clientele while providing high-quality service. These tools can help you stand out in a crowded market, offering clients a seamless and modern experience while facilitating more efficient interactions. 


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