Unlock Greater Control and Efficiency with The Latest Functionality from Arken


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new functionality. The feature is named Multi Office, but actually, the benefits run far wider than this sounds!  It creates a high degree of agility in controlling access to the system for a variety of use cases – not just those with more than one office!


First and foremost, if you have more than one office, you can add them separately with their own cover sheets and control who sees the clients from that office.


So, with multi-office, you’re not just managing offices, you’re getting more control over your users and their permissions, you’re getting more flexible controls over your brands and branches, and/or your client data and documents. Additionally, you can also control which branch or brand use which precedents. Ultimately, multi-office gives you better control and creates wider reaching efficiencies for your business.


Ways to utilise multi-office


Set up different offices for different branchesEach branch has customisable options for branding, precedents, cover letters, fonts and logos – or you can just copy them from the main head office to control the look and feel across the company – the flexibility is now in your hands.


Set up different offices for different brandsEach ‘office’ has customisable options for branding, precedents, cover letters, fonts and logos. So, if you have a business with multiple brands, you can now manage them as separate entities.


Create an office with a restricted number of users – Use the multi-office functionality to create a digital instance where user permissions are tightly controlled. Only allowing certain practitioners access to select “offices”, and therefore keeping certain client information highly confidential.


  • Add another layer of protection for particular clients – If you have high-net-worth or celebrity clients you may wish to set up a digital office with restricted access to their information for confidentiality. Or you can run a campaign at your office to do all your staff Wills – and all staff won’t have access to other staff’s documents!


  • Restrict access for field consultants – If you utilise a field sales team, you can set them up with a digital office of their own, so they can only access the client data they    have entered in the first place.


Keep clients from different sources together – Do you work with a specific charity or local club and want to put their logo on the cover sheet?  Do you want to keep them separate so you know they are a contact through the golf club, or charity or a particular care home?   Just set up a new office for each and customise as you would like.


Ensuring peer review and management across multiple locations – Give your managers or training advisors access to documents across multiple offices. So that they can default to one office but still access others with the right permissions. This can help utilise expertise across different brands and branches and even cover for if someone is unwell or on annual leave.


Analysis of office performance – Access analytics for each office and compare how each brand, location or team are performing and which documents are the most popular and where. Make informed strategic decisions based on real data from the entire business – and even more is available via your Customer Success Manager.


In Summary


Please see the below table for the key features you will enjoy depending on how your business is set up.



For more information about multi-office, please contact us via our website or contact your Customer Success Manager directly.