What do We Want, Instant Gratification. When do We Want it? Now.

We live in a world where for organisations to thrive, they now need to satisfy us, immediately.


Deliveroo, Uber, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ChatBots and online portals – we want to watch, order, ask and meet our needs now – and at our convenience.


This need for speed has been an issue for the estate planning industry for a while, but it’s really brought to the fore when:


  1. A client is quite elderly.  
  2. A client is unwell.  
  3. A client is anxious to be between Wills. 


This sense of urgency can be driven naturally by clients, but as more technically savvy clients reach the age at which they want to put a Will together… well, their expectations about turnaround times and accessibility are only going to get higher.


Estate planning professionals have so many administrative burdens that getting documents to clients quickly can be a real challenge. Re-keying in data, duplicating simple tasks and tackling government portals make the job hard and frustrating.


Arken Legal’s suite of products helps to streamline the document drafting portion of your workload, so you can draft 10 times faster than traditional methods – without sacrificing uniformity, accuracy, or precision.


Here’s 10 ways in which Arken helps you speed up your turnaround times and delight clients:


  1. Data entry – only enter your client’s data into your software once.  
  2. Dual screen drafting – review your work as you go with drafting on the left and your document on the right.  
  3. Document management – save all your client documents in one place and print from one place.  
  4. Collaboration – Make notes and flag bespoke entries in documents to speed up the peer review process.  
  5. Digital instruction taking – ask your clients to enter their information digitally and import it straight into your drafting software.  
  6. Built in precedents and clauses – use pre-written clauses and precedents to standardise the wording used across documents, saving your team from having to use their own wording.  
  7. Training – onboard paralegals and drafters quickly, with easy-to-use software that helps them hit the ground running.  
  8. Enhance precision– utilise supportive software that flags potential errors so there’s fewer back and forth with fee earners and clients.  
  9. Reduce duplication of work – stop spending time duplicating work, especially for simple documents.  
  10. Unlimited users – using the best person for the best job speeds up the process.


For more information about how Arken Legal can help enhance your document turnaround times, explore our website, or contact us using:


01732 867792