What Marketing Channels are Your Peers Using in the Next 12 Months? Insights From our Recent Business Quiz 

In today’s competitive business world, effective marketing strategies are crucial for success. To gain some valuable insights into the marketing plans of professional estate planners, we conducted a recent business quiz titled “Growing Your Private Client Practice with Marketing.” The results showed that there will be a diverse range of marketing tactics used over the next 12 months.


1. Attending Events: 


15% of respondents indicated that they will be attending events as part of their marketing strategy. Evidencing that in-person networking remains a valuable way to grow the business. Attending industry conferences, trade shows, and seminars not only helps professionals showcase their expertise but also provides opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations.


2. Volunteering and Networking:


Interestingly, 8% of respondents expressed their intention to engage in volunteering and networking activities as part of their marketing efforts. By giving back to the community through volunteering and participating in networking events, professionals can build trust, establish their reputation, and create a positive brand image.


3. Cross-Departmental Upselling:


8% of respondents expressed their intention to focus on cross-departmental upselling, this approach can be a game-changer for businesses. By encouraging collaboration between different departments, companies can leverage existing customer relationships to upsell additional products or services. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also maximises revenue potential and strengthens internal teamwork. 


4. Email Marketing:


Email marketing, chosen by 15% of participants, continues to be a powerful tool in the digital marketing arsenal. By crafting compelling messages and leveraging automation tools, businesses can nurture leads, drive conversions, and build brand loyalty. 


5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):


15% of respondents also plan on investing in search engine optimisation. It’s evident that businesses recognise the importance of appearing prominently in search results for specific keywords, it can make all the difference when users are searching for your services. By focusing on relevant keywords, website optimisation, and quality content creation, businesses can establish a strong online presence.


6. Website Lead Magnets:


Another 15% of respondents reported that they would be using website lead magnets for lead generation. By offering valuable content such as e-books, webinars, or free consultations in exchange for contact information, businesses can attract and engage potential customers.


These lead magnets not only help build a subscriber base but also serve as a gateway for nurturing leads and converting them into loyal customers. 


Professional estate planners intend to use a real mix of marketing activities over the next 12 months, with traditional and digital marketing thrown in for good measure.


Reaching new clients online is becoming increasingly important as digital savvy generations age. Millennials, now 43, will be the next target audience for estate planner – they expect digital services and the conveniences they bring.


Arken Legal Can Help


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These tools can be used in email campaigns, through social media channels, in advertising campaigns, on your website and more. Helping you delight clients, drive efficiencies and future proof your business. 


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To gain more insights into your own marketing plans and discover personalised tips for growing your private client practice, take our quiz “Growing Your Private Client Practice with Marketing” today. Click here to get started.