Managing Risk With Estate Planning Software

One of the most effective ways to manage your risk is to invest in technology that improves processes and implements a consistent, controlled way of working. Enabling a solution that supports the accuracy and consistency of documents across a team and lessens the chance of manual errors shows clients you have processes in place to manage risk effectively.

Workflow Management

One Less Worry

How confident do you feel about your current risk management processes?

What is your top priority when managing your risk?

How much time do you feel is spent on ensuring risk factors are addressed, such as checking documents, data security, version control, etc?

Arken solutions will take a weight off your shoulders when it comes to risk management:

  • Consistency of output
  • Inbuilt controls
  • Meticulous notetaking and accuracy
  • Collecting the right information
  • Clear communication
  • Security
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We Take Security Seriously

Arken runs regular penetration tests and invests heavily in industry-leading cloud-based providers. It is infinitely safer for your business than hosting everything on site.

If you have any specific questions surrounding how your clients data is managed, then please just ask and we will be happy to explain.

We have been awarded a Certificate of Assurance by Cyber Essentials, which acknowledges our commitment to providing high quality, robust and secure solutions.

Technology will significantly improve risk management when it comes to data security, but you need to do your due diligence in selecting the right technology provider.

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Risk Management Solutions

  • Feel confident that outputs across your team are consistent – from the wording of Will precedents to the look and feel of your business’s final documents, with Arken Professional.
  • Provide a plain English Will Commentary and signing instructions as part of your resulting Will pack to ensure your client understands each section and is comfortable with their arrangements.
  • Inbuilt mandatory fields provide added comfort that the documents your business is producing are fully thought through.
  • Reduce the risk of manual user error by referring back to key client information with Arken Professional.
  • Integrate Arken Professional with your CRM to further reduce the chance of errors made by the manual re-keying of data.
  • Further enhance data accuracy from the very start by implementing digital data capture tool, Arken Acquire.
  • Make the peer review process clearer and more efficient by enabling technology that ensures there is one place to store and access documents securely, ensuring one version of the document remains on file.
  • Dispersed teams working remotely or on-the-move can rest assured their documents are safely stored in the cloud, with the correct version of the document being accessible to the appropriate team members.