Top Tips for Implementing Will Writing Software

We’ve learnt a lot rolling out Will writing software to hundreds of customers, here’s our top tips.

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5 Top Tips For a Good Implementation

  • Be open and honest from the beginning about why you are researching or implementing something new
  • Work with your provider to better your processes
  • Work with your provider to effectively onboard and train your staff
  • Involve key staff who will promote this for you internally – those positive early adopters
  • Be patient but persistent – change isn’t easy for everyone but persevere, sometimes people just need time to get used to something new and new technology needs time to bed in
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Stay With the Plan!

Change is not easy for everyone.

Especially when we all say how this new technology is going to change our world, all the benefits that the organisation will reap from its implementation, yet the individual just sees their daily life disrupted and no benefit for them – just hassle or anxiety.

Remember that while you might be happy that you are managing your firm’s risks, you now have confidence in the consistency of what is being produced, you have the reports that show you how many documents or cases have been finalised, some individuals might still be struggling and they might not see or experience the benefits until they are completely familiar with the software or tool.

To positively manage the change, ensure effective onboarding with your technology partner. Don’t just do some initial training, but do follow up training. Ensure this is communicated in advance and not seen as someone failing if they need refresher training after a couple of months. Ask for volunteers to be internal mentors so someone struggling can go to a peer for assistance. Talk about the benefits to the individual as well as to the company.

So have confidence and stay with the plan – it won’t be easy and you do need to accept that not everyone will be onboard from day one.

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