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A Digital Fact Find

Available with an Arken Professional or Arken Enterprise plan, Arken Acquire is a tool that captures data from your clients, which is then used in the drafting of key estate planning documents.

Arken Acquire has two key uses: 

  • Data capture - Simply email a link to your client and they can input their information relating to their dependants, marital status and assets and liabilities, which seamlessly goes into Arken Professional for drafting. The process is sped up, re-keying is reduced and data is automatically captured. Once received, you'll be able to assess the level of complexity of your client's requirements, allowing you to allocate the most appropriate resource to them.

  • Lead generation - A highly effective tool that can sit on your website and social media channels, gathering lead data that also filters into your Arken Professional account.


Save time, improve efficiency, grow your business.


How does it work?

Arken Acquire can sit on your website or you can send a link to your clients. It works on a tablet or phone, so can even be used in reception areas for clients to complete immediately prior to the interview. 

The design of Arken Acquire was compiled following research into the appetite of prospective clients to fill in detailed fact finds prior to the interview. It captures the information on the client, their dependants, pets, business interests and other assets and liabilities but remains short and precise to maximise completion rates.

Customised to your brand through your own provisioning tool, you can alter the text, key colours and contact information. 

When the information is completed, the client is automatically created in the Client Manager of Arken Professional and the remaining data can be imported into the Will document when you start drafting. To further assist, the answers change the Will questionnaire and make certain fields mandatory to prompt your questioning of the client based on their answers. For example, if they say they own or have a share in a business, business interests will be ticked in important matters and business executors, business property relief trusts and gifting of business interests will be available throughout the questionnaire.

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The benefits of Arken Acquire

  • Reduce re-keying

    Save up to 50% of your time re-keying data.

  • Speed up the process

    Faster fact-finding to deliver a quicker, quality service.

  • Improve client service

    Allocate the most appropriate resource to your clients.

  • Streamline data capture

    Key information automatically flows into Arken Professional and is securely stored in the cloud to be accessed from anywhere.

  • Effective lead generation tool

    Place an Arken Acquire link on your website and social media channels to increase new business leads and opportunities.

  • Future-proof your business

    Embrace digital technology to enable efficiency and growth. Present a modern image while interacting with your clients.

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