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An Offline Option

You can now access an offline version of Arken Professional that will synchronise with your account once you’re back online.

Arken Anywhere has two key uses: 

  • Arken users - If you conduct regular home or hospital visits where internet connection can be unreliable, you can park the paper, reduce re-keying and miss nothing with fuss-free access to the Arken questionnaire. Download your clients' details into the offline version or add them from scratch, draft on-the-go and synchronise back with Arken Professional when re-connected online

  • Instruction takers/consultant networks - if you have an introducer or consultant network who are taking instructions but you don't want them to draft or view the final documents, Arken Anywhere can also collect the data then synchronise with your Arken account so your drafters can generate the documents back at your office. They can view comments from the introducer to fully understand the client's requirements. No need to decipher handwriting or go back-and-forth with paper versions. Simple, efficient, flexible

How does it work?

Arken Anywhere licenses can be managed within your Arken Professional profile. Once a licence has been allocated, the user receives a download link and an individual key to access the new solution. Once up and running, depending on their user type, they can add clients, download existing clients and start new documents to take the instructions. Once completed and the user is back with an internet connection, they can select the records to synchronise with Arken Professional. No need to re-key or draft, just complete and download.  

If you have separate instruction takers, they can add notes in for the drafter and your business processes can define how much involvement they have in the questionnaire and how much they inform you of their recommendations for the client. 

The benefits of Arken Anywhere

  • Reduced re-keying

    Significantly reduce the time you spend re-keying data by up to 50%, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

  • Improved client turnaround

    Significantly speed up your client service by taking comprehensive instructions on-the-move and sending them back to your drafting team to complete in the office.

  • Comprehensive instructions taken

    Inbuilt controls ensure all key information is captured. The questionnaire only shows the questions relating to previously given answers, ensuring nothing is missed.

  • Increased knowledge

    The Arken questionnaire will prompt your instruction takers for additional information so at the same time as taking the requirements from your clients, the knowledge of your team is increasing all the time.

  • Consistent instruction taking

    Across a team of instruction takers, client wishes are taken in a consistent format. They can add notes to the instructions, which the drafter will be able to see once it's electronically sent to the office.

  • Remove handwritten instructions

    How many times have you had to decipher handwriting? Even our own! This eliminates all handwriting and the use of paper. Most clients will be comfortable with a laptop being used for taking their end of life wishes.

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