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The New Way to Increase Leads

What would happen to an estate if someone died without a Will? The Arken Intestacy tool will show your potential clients in just one minute... Arken Intestacy is a lead generation tool that provides clients with an on-screen assessment of what would happen if they were to die 'intestate' - without a Will in place*. 54% of UK adults don't have a Will. Motivate them to put this critical document in place by showing the impact of dying without one. Integrate with Arken Online Wills and Arken Acquire to increase new clients, document creation and ensure clients' best interests are protected. *Applicable in England & Wales only.

The Benefits of Arken Intestacy

Quick lead generator on your website: Complete in one minute.

Increased efficiency: Less time generating leads so you can focus on other business areas.

Flexibility: Access clients and prospects anywhere via mobile, tablet and desktop.

Marketing tool: Host on your website and outreach with via email and social media.

Save time drafting straightforward Wills by linking with Arken Online Wills.

Attract a younger generation that is typically disengaged with the estate planning market.

How does it work?

Arken Intestacy is a simple, client-facing questionnaire, that businesses can host on their website to capture leads and encourage new enquiries. Desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly - it can be accessed from anywhere and takes only a minute to complete.

Users are presented with one question per page, making it easy to answer with the click of a mouse or a tap of a finger. A series of questions are asked about marital status, whether they have children, etc. Once the system has established who the estate would go to, it stops asking questions and allows the user to generate results quickly, generating their own personalised on-screen assessment of what would happen if they were to die intestate in their particular circumstances. All too often, this will be totally different to what the user would wish and so may just be the wake up call they need to put a Will in place.

Integrate with Arken Online Wills and Arken Acquire to deliver straightforward Wills efficiently via your website 24/7, while taking instructions for more complex requirements.

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Customer Success Manager, Grainne Dunne, explains more about the Arken Intestacy tool, how to set it up and what the tool will look like to your clients...

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Key Features

  • Simple, user-friendly questionnaire  
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly
  • One minute to complete  
  • Integration with Arken Online Wills, enabling straightforward Will completion directly via your website  
  • Integration with data capture tool Arken Acquire, increasing complex Will enquiries 
  • Client contact detail capture 
  • Customisation to ensure fully branded client experience 
  • Customisable text allowing for on-brand company messaging 
  • Shareable on social media, widening reach and attracting a younger market 

“We chose to subscribe to the Arken Intestacy tool as this complements the next steps of our business development to encourage interaction with estate planning services online.

Educating our clients, visitors and business partners is important and Arken Intestacy is a resource that highlights quickly and effectively the risks estate wealth is exposed to where no planning is in place.

Many prospects these days expect to be able to self-serve access to information and take steps to implement solutions digitally, knowing there is human expertise on hand if needed. Arken are helping us to achieve that outcome.”

David Birchall

Solicitor, Private Client Partner, Nicklin Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

“We have found the Arken Intestacy tool to be an easy and simple resource to integrate into our marketing strategy. It has been a cost-effective generator of new leads and clients.  

Moreover, it is a very intuitive tool that helps busy people and millennials who prefer online communication to take action and make a decision.”

David Frederick

Managing Partner, Marcus Bishop Associates

The Impact of Intestacy: Unmarried Couples

At, we would strongly advocate that everyone should have a Will for the sake of certainty in estate planning: being able to express final wishes in respect of who is to administer the estate, where property is to be given and on what terms, funeral arrangements, arrangements for pets and guardianship arrangements for children. But this urging would be particularly strong in relation to unmarried couples because the effect of not making a Will can be disastrous.

According to the Office of National Statistics, there are over six million people cohabiting in the UK, that is one in eight people over the age of 16 are living together but not married or in a registered civil partnership. Given this is such a large and growing demographic, the law applying to unmarried couples is woefully inadequate, and often completely inequitable compared to their officially wedded counterparts. Such people might erroneously think that the law offers them the protection and rights accorded to married people because they are “common law husband and wife” by virtue of long-term cohabitation. Sadly, they are almost three hundred years out-of-date in their belief – the concept of “common law spouses” has not existed in English law since 1753. Under English law, unmarried cohabitees are treated as completely independent people.


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