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Access and Assist New Clients

Arken Online Wills allows the busy practitioner to enable their clients to complete a straightforward online Will. In our experience, 70% of Wills could be completed online. Arken Online Wills is a fully-featured, interactive Will drafting service, utilising our intelligent interview questionnaire to collect information and automatically draft a client’s Will. Will packs, which include a client’s Will, a Will commentary, and signing instructions, can be sent to the client immediately or reviewed before delivery.

Arken Online Wills features

  • Fully automated or advised Wills

    You choose whether to provide self-service delivery or a fully supervised service. Arken Online Wills works the way you want to, including creating Mirror Wills and even taking online payments for a totally hands-free solution if you require.

  • Secure access

    Your clients will have secure access to your Will writing platform through their own personalised username and password.

  • Easy to use

    Help and support information is included to ensure your clients enter the correct information, resulting in the generation of an appropriate Will.

  • Workflow management

    Our Workflow Manager makes sure that documents follow the right process, critical to delivering the appropriate documents to your clients.

Arken Online Wills Benefits

Add your new service onto your website and promote to all areas of your business to maximise the leads and income for straightforward instructions - allowing you to concentrate on the more lucrative, complex documents

Reach new markets and prospects

Complete your Will offering by adding an online option. Nowadays, Millennials are in scope of Wills - gaining assets, getting married, having children - so having a modern, mobile friendly, quick and easy way of servicing this market is paramount

Acquire clients online

Potential clients are finding advisors online. Online Wills is a simple way to attract new clients for all of your business, not just for Wills and associated documents.  They might also be visiting your site for another reason and it prompts them to do a Will

Higher-income for less effort

Allows delivery of straightforward Wills while you are taking instructions for the more complex, more lucrative documents.  Consistent documents are delivered from our tried and tested solution which also helps manage your risk

Advised and/or Non-advised

How does it work? 

Arken Online Wills subscription allows you to customise your offering to your brand and service level.  You can choose to only let your clients complete the instructions and send to you for checking or you can just allow them to self-complete the document and download with no interaction.  Pricing is also set by you - you just need a business Paypal account.  Everything is managed by you in a processing centre. 

There are 3 different levels you can offer: 

The Premier service is an instant download – the client completes the questionnaire, makes payment (if any) and downloads the Will Pack immediately

The Superior service is similar to the Premier Service but with the added step that you review the completed questionnaire before pressing the button to allow the client to download the Will Pack

The Superior Plus service is where the client completes the questionnaire and payment and you review the completed questionnaire and then print out the Will Pack and post it to the client.

Looking for a more bespoke solution?

If you are looking for a more customised solution, then our sister company Arken Digital will be able to assist.  

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