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Unlimited users and included documents

Arken Professional is our most popular Service Plan. Simply select how many documents per month you want included in your subscription. All Arken Professional plans allow unlimited users.

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Don’t worry if you go over your monthly included allocation – Arken allows you to carry on producing documents for the same per document fee.
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Tailored solution for your needs

Arken Enterprise is the right choice if you produce over 1500 documents per year, or if you would like to talk to us about tailoring the product to meet specific requirements.

With Arken Enterprise you get the same class-leading features and functionality, and we can work with you to achieve further productivity gains or business goals by:

  • Integrating Arken with other solutions you use within your organisation
  • Customising workflow and functionality to meet your specific needs
  • Assisting your organisation on its digitisation journey

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Arken is rich in features that drive efficiency and provide effective drafting of even the most complex of Wills and associated documents. Feedback from customers indicates that the vast majority of Wills can be drafted without any need for further amendment.

Below are just some of the features you can enjoy with Arken.

Document types

Arken generates the following document types

  • Wills
  • Lasting Power of Attorney - Health and Welfare
  • Lasting Power of Attorney - Property and Affairs
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Advance Decision
  • Expression of Wishes for Guardians
  • Expression of Wishes
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy


Arken's class-leading features drive efficiency in your organisation

  • Intelligent questionnaires - only presents the questions that are relevant to your client's needs
  • Clauses automatically re-number as you add or remove sections
  • Live view of the document being created while drafting - check as you draft
  • Inbuilt charity database and postcode search function to speed up entry
  • Add and re-use regular witnesses so no need to type each time
  • Ability to share relevant data across documents – only add it in once
  • Mirror Wills and Powers of Attorney generated easily in seconds
  • Available from any PC connected to the internet
  • Document automatically resizes so there is no gap between Will and Attestation


Arken's security features provide peace of mind for you and your clients

  • World-class cloud security features
  • Password secured documents for emailing to clients
  • Mandatory areas flagged for added protection

Configuration and personalisation

Configure Arken to reflect your organisation and your brand

  • Cover sheet branding with your logo, details and references
  • Options to customise the commentary and choose font sizes and styles
  • Add a library of your own clauses

Enhanced client experience

Arken's features will delight your clients

  • Client-friendly commentary explaining all the clauses
  • Fast drafting with increase turnaround
  • Print the questionnaire with all client instructions

Comprehensive generation features

Arken has been designed to handle the most complex situations and instructions

  • Six levels of distribution, up to 99 money and/or specific bequests at each level of distribution
  • Deals effectively with Islamic Wills, Inheritance Tax, multi part Wills, mutual Wills, EU Succession election, business interests, declaration of domicile
  • Provides for 4 sets of substitute executors and for 2 separate guardians for different children if required
  • Provisions for pets, digital assets and funeral directions
  • Wills to operate other than worldwide
  • Includes a full range of trusts with the ability to appoint separate Trustee and Advisory Trustees for each trust


We make things easy for your business

  • Unlimited users on selected plans
  • Documents included within your subscription in the Professional plan
  • Pay by credit / debit card or by direct debit
  • Credit terms available for documents over plan
  • Move up plans during the year if your volumes grow
  • Enterprise level for volume users


Enabling growth and efficiency in your private client business

With its flexible product suite, provides the most comprehensive solutions for your private client business and can help you with the digitisation of your organisation.

Superpowered productivity

Straightforward Wills drafter in half the time and more complex ones up to four times more quickly. Re-keying is significantly reduced, and staff utilisation is maximised.

Reduced Risk

Consistency across your organisation and helps manage your risk. Every document will be produced to a consistent high standard and to your organisation's branding.

Digitised business

Cloud-based products are inherently secure and are regularly penetration tested. Inbuilt controls to ensure all mandatory information is completed/ Documents can be password protection.

Delighted clients

With a client friendly commentary, fast drafting and high quality clauses built over 25 years, clients will be delighted with the final documents produced.


Does the trial cost me anything?
Trialling costs you nothing and no payment card is required. You’ll get access to a full working account for 7 days to enable you to create a few documents. These documents will be watermarked 'specimen'. Once your trial has finished you will need to purchase the service to access documents without the watermark.

What happens at the end of my trial?
You can buy online and pay via debit or credit card. Your trial will become your permanent account and all client information entered will remain there.

What is included in my trial?
Everything, there are no functional limitations for the trial. There will however be a watermark on all documents you print out. You can input real client data and check the documents produced by Arken.

How do I buy?
Simply click on 'Get Started' and complete the form to start using the system. It really is that easy.

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