The Unexpected Benefits of Using Will Writing Software


Will drafting software, used by professional estate planners, can offer some unlikely and unexpected benefits that users might not initially anticipate. Here are some of the lesser-known advantages: 


Enhanced Creativity in Estate Planning Strategy and Problem Solving – because a lot of the administration is automated via the software, estate planners have more time to problem solve. They get to spend more time on strategic, high-level initiatives. 


Happier Clients and Long-term Relationships – they also get to spend more time with their clients, thoroughly discussing their needs and situation and they can spend more time ensuring their clients understand their estate plan. They know that admin won’t take them as long anymore, so they don’t have to worry about the time it will take to prepare the documents vs the time they can spend with their client.


Different spellings throughout documents – it’s easily done, spelling a name wrong in one area of the document is a total pain and it’s embarrassing when it reaches the client. Reducing the amount of manual data entry by utilising software helps reduce this risk significantly.   


Empowering Junior Lawyers and Paralegals: Automation software empowers junior lawyers and paralegals to handle document preparation more independently. This delegation of tasks allows senior lawyers to focus on higher-level legal work rather than spending time on administration.  


Enhanced Collaboration: Arken’s Will writing software offers collaboration features, allowing multiple team members to make notes and highlight areas for their colleagues to peer review. This fosters teamwork and improves efficiency within the business.  


Happier colleagues – because your colleagues no longer have to stay late at work due to an enormous pile of admin. They can work more efficiently, from anywhere. 


Happier Manager – because they’ve increased their team’s productivity exponentially in a cost-efficient manner. 


From improved collaboration and client understanding to reduced errors and streamlined processes, Will writing software empowers estate planners to deliver exceptional service, enhance client satisfaction and create a better work life balance. 


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