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Arken is trusted by law firms, accountants, professional advisers and Will writers around the world to deliver the highest quality Private Client documents, more productively.

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Advanced Training Sessions

Take your drafting to the next level and explore aspects of Arken Professional that will enable you to tackle the most complex of Wills. We will be uncovering areas of the system that you might not have come across before. Delivered virtually, this training is aimed at professionals who have already been using the system for a while and who are comfortable with the basics.

Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We would like to reassure you that we are still working, although remotely. If you have a support query, please email in the first instance, although you can still call, too.

We are here to support all your digital needs during this outbreak.  Please call (01732 867792), email or use the live chat below. 

We are running a series of webinars, specifically designed to help during this time, from ensuring business continuity to sensitive marketing advice. Find the recordings of these webinars, plus links to register for upcoming ones, on our dedicated COVID-19 help & advice web page. You can access this web page via the 'More' tab at the top, or the button below.

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Two new arrivals...

Arken Acquire

A tool that captures data from your clients, which is then used in the drafting of key estate planning documents. Streamline your data capture, reduce re-keying, use as a lead generation tool and more.

Full details here


Arken Anywhere

You can now access an offline version of Arken Professional that will synchronise with your account once you’re back online. Reduce your re-keying, speed up the customer journey and take comprehensive instructions in one meeting.

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What is Arken?

Arken is a comprehensive document generation solution built specifically for the private client sector. Arken provides high quality documents, mitigates the risks of inaccuracies and improves your team’s productivity.

Arken was created for private client businesses and professional advisors to write Wills and associated documents including Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Severance of Joint Tenancy (SJT), Expression of Wishes (EW) and General Powers of Attorney (GPA) for their clients. With Arken you’ll save time without compromising documentation accuracy and consistency.

The wide and comprehensive use of Arken in estate planning document creation means it has been tested in almost every conceivable scenario. You can have confidence it leads the way with complete industry functionality and is simple to use.

Benefits for your business

Why Arken?

Templates are too inflexible to cover the wide range of clients needs or become complicated to manage over time. Either way, they present a significant potential to create inaccurate documents and introduce unnecessary risk to your business.

With intelligent questionnaires, the most complete Will clauses, legal best practice and document real-time automation, Arken intuitively guides users to produce quality estate planning documents and generates all of the required documents in real-time.

1. Intelligent Questionnaire

The heart of Arken is the online intelligent interview questionnaire that guides you through the process and ensures nothing is missed. Arken automatically drafts documents in real-time as you work – saving you valuable time and producing the correct provisions for your client's unique circumstances.

  • Only exposes relevant questions

    With Arken you’re not just entering information into a form. The questionnaire only exposes questions relevant to your client’s circumstances and wishes.

  • Automatically adjusts questions

    Our technology helps ensure the interviewer asks the right questions. The questionnaire automatically adjusts to reflect your client’s circumstances and wishes.

  • Ensure all questions are asked

    Alerts protect against incomplete questions. These alerts make sure relevant options are presented and information is collected.

2. Automatic Drafting System

  • Real-time automated drafting

    Dual screen functionality allows you to see the document being drafted automatically as you take instructions.

  • Automatic commentary

    An automatic commentary is created at the same time. This is a separate document that provides an easy-to-understand explanation of clauses, guardians’ and executors’ responsibilities, and other key information.

  • Controlled editing

    The controlled editing function lets you modify a document or commentary if needed.

3. Comprehensive Document Pack

Full document packs are produced automatically. These packs include an easy-to-understand document commentary, signing instructions and other relevant documents. All packs can be downloaded as Engrossment, Copy and Draft packs.

Arken Benefits

Arken provides everything you need to deliver the highest quality documents, whether your business is large or small.

Because you’ll be guided through the minimum number of questions appropriate to your client’s circumstances, you’ll complete documents quickly and accurately. Now, you can easily create simple to complex Wills with little or no need for editing.

Our clients tell us that 98% of the documents they create require no editing and, for the small proportion that do, changes are managed through the controlled edit function.

  • Finish quickly

    Real-time updating means when you finish completing the information, your document is complete.

  • Be more productive

    Along with automated drafting we've designed Arken so that when you're completing multiple documents, client information is stored so it can be quickly re-used.

  • Reduce your risk

    Arken actively reduces your risks by ensuring that all relevant matters specific to each client and their individual circumstances are covered, all the while producing consistent high quality documents utilising leading industry clauses. Furthermore, because Arken is a subscription service we maintain the clauses.

  • Fits your business

    On demand pricing whether you are starting up, working with high volumes or need an enterprise solution tailored to fit your needs.

Arken now includes Trust Referencer

Access the most up-to-date information on tax treatments of Trusts to ensure you give your clients the right advice.

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