Delight Clients

Improved Client Engagement

A large proportion of bereavement and estate planning administration is still managed manually, either through paper documents or outdated word processing solutions. Arken research shows that solicitors can spend up to 50% of their time redrafting and reforming documents, which is time that could be better spent delivering value to clients.

Workflow Management

How do you currently engage with your clients?

Does everybody in your team follow the same processes?

How long is your turnaround time?

Do you feel you’re offering enough to your clients?

Do you receive many referrals from existing clients?

What would you say if you could partner with a technology provider that’s dedicated its 30-year history to enabling efficiencies specifically within the private client sector? The Arken Product Suite enables a more efficient, effective way of working.

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Streamline for Success

We get to the heart of process pitfalls – from internal hurdles to your clients’ customer journey.

Our prescribed solutions will transform day-to-day drafting, unlocking time for busy professionals to focus on other key business areas such as delivering value to clients and lead generation activities.

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The Client Experience

As your team enjoys a smoother, more efficient delivery of services – clients will also feel the benefits of a speedier, seamless service:

  • Faster delivery of services
  • Instant gratification online by increased digital touch points with their trusted advisor
  • Plain English Will commentary provided, helping clients understand their arrangements better
  • Increased time for client service, opening up opportunities for additional legal instructions and advice.
Will writing software for Funeral Directors

Client Engagement Solutions

  • Ensure clarity and client understanding with Arken Professional’s plain English Will commentary, which is generated as part of every Will pack, alongside Signing Instructions.
  • Speed up the fact finding process by gathering key client information at the very start with data capture tool, Arken Acquire.
  • Allow clients to create straightforward Wills directly through your website with Arken Online Wills, 24/7. Sync with Arken Acquire for further efficiency for both parties.
  • Enable a smooth instruction taking process no matter where you are – no internet required – with Arken Anywhere. Data then flows directly into Arken Professional ready for drafting once you’re back online.
  • Turn prospects into clients with Arken Intestacy – a lead generation tool that shows exactly what will happen to a person’s estate if they died without a Will in place.
  • Generate a personalised report for your clients, outlining the tax treatments that are relevant to both Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts with Trust Referencer.