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The Arken product suite can suit any business process - whether instructions are taken in an office, remotely or via telephone. For increased efficiency, reduced re-keying and a delighted client, book a demonstration today to find out how we can help your practice.

Arken Professional - the heart of the product suite

Arken Professional sits right at the heart of the Arken product suite and is the intuitive, intelligent, document drafting solution.  It is the professional's choice of drafting software and links seamlessly with other products to drive efficiency, consistency and digitisation. 

The perfect choice - no matter how complex the document you are drafting - and covers a range of private client documents.  

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Arken Online Wills

Using the powerful, intuitive engine of Arken Professional, Arken Online Wills offers your clients the opportunity to draft their own straightforward instructions online in their own time.  You can set whether they can finish and download that document, or send it to you, as their trusted advisor, to be checked or even printed and bound.  

Link in with Arken Acquire for those more complex instructions that would need professional advice. 

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The tax implications of Trusts can be quite complex and ever-changing. Trust Referencer provides you with regularly updated tax information for all Inter Vivos and Testamentary Trusts.  

Download a personalised report for clients, Trustees or your records of the tax implications at the time of drafting associated documents. 

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Through the Arken API, it is possible to join other best-in-class solutions to further enhance productivity and data transfer.  

For some Case Management Solutions, we already have links in place. 

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